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Sales And Marketing

MiRACLE Technologies markets a wide range of information and communications technology products, including among others:

  • Computer systems and Peripherals
  • VSAT and Wireless Communication Products
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Software & Application Packages
  • Mobile Phones
  • Networking Products
  • Computer Consumable    More Information

Repairs And Servicing

MiRACLE technologies Engineering Department offers complete solutions to correctable hardware and software problems or faults on:

  • Computers, printers, UPS
  • Computer Networking & Multi-users
  • VSAT and Wireless Communication Products
  • Telephony, PABX Intercom networks
  • Mobile Phones (GSM)
  • Computer peripherals and other related equipment.   More Information

 Maintenance And Support Services

With the present state of the nation’s economy, more than ever before, a good maintenance culture cannot be overemphasized.

Recognizing that mechanical parts do wear, and that electronics devices do occasionally need services we are determined to demonstrate our commitment to quality and dependability through our various maintenance policies.

Clients and customers’ ICT equipment, Computer systems, VSATs, printers, networks, UPS and other peripherals will receive prompt attention from our team of highly skilled experienced engineers. The maintenance policy keeps clients systems working all year long.   More Information

Networking And Connectivity

MiRACLE Technologies network – LAN / MAN/ WAN Specialists are uniquely qualified to configure and install high quality products that produce a solid foundation for networking.

Our staff of certified Network Engineers (Wired and Wireless) will help keep your networks operating at peak efficiency and also help in the following areas;

  • Internet and Intranets
  • Satellite Data / Voice Communication networks
  • Structured Cabling
  • Routers, Bridges and Gateways    More Information 

Training And Manpower Development

As can be expected in a field in which technology changes as fast that merely keeping pace with it is a full time job. MiRACLE Technologies offers training and manpower development services in a wide variety of Information Technology areas and specialization including among others;

  • Computer Appreciation and Use of Packages
  • Computer Programming & Software Engineering
  • Computer Hardware Engineering & Repairs
  • Computer Networking & Data Communication
  • Webdesigns, Web Applications, CMS and Joomla     More Information

Software Development

MiRACLE Technologies are well experienced in software application packages development to personify and customized your software packages to ensure data security, integrity and availability.    More Information

WebSites And  e-Presence

MiRACLE Technologies Webmasters will design, register, host, manage and maintain your dream Web sites on the Internet. You will also be linked to the best Search Engines.

More Information

Satellite Communications

We offer VSAT (very small aperture terminal) solutions for Internet, Voice and Data digital communication. 

Our VSAT engineers are capable of installing and maintaining high speed VSAT (All Bands) Internet solution (with VoIP)  that is always on, anytime, anywhere, nationwide.     More Information


Our telecommunication unit is well equipped to provide solutions for various telecommunications requirement including among others the following;

  • Structured Telecommunication Cabling;
  1. Fibre Optics Cabling System
  2. Overhead and Underground Cabling
  • Intercom and PABX Systems;
  1. Terrestrial &
  2. Wireless        More Information


We provide up to date accurate information, technical advice and recommendation on comprehensive computing, communications and other ICT areas.

If you already have computers and other communication and information technology equipment, we offer you new ways of maximizing the benefits of your investments. If you would like to purchase new ones, whether for the first time or expand your existing system, give us a call.

Our team of skilled analysts and engineers will answer all your questions.

We look forward to doing business with you and to fulfilling all your information technology and communication requirements.    More Information